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5 Reasons to Get a Full Physical


For many people, having an annual physical examination acts as reassurance that they are as healthy as they feel. Others see it as an alarm, to catch health problems before they become serious.

In any case, a full physical will leave you with the peace of mind that you are taking a proactive approach to your overall well being. Here are 5 reasons why you should think about getting a full physical:

1. Update Your Medical History- This is your chance to talk to your doctor about any complaints or concerns you have been having with your health. Your doctor will most likely inquire about your lifestyle history, including such things as; smoking, assessive drinking, sexual health, diet, and exercise. The physician will also check up on your vaccination status and update your family medical history. Be sure to be completely honest with your physician to insure that your medical history is as accurate as possible.

2. Have All Your Vital Signs Checked and Take Standard Exams- During your Physical, your doctor will be able to look at your vital signs such as; blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc. They will then go through a multiple exams to test your lungs, heart, brain, extremities and other vital organs to assess whether or not they are functioning optimally. Depending on your gender, your physician may run various gender specific tests as well. One of the most benificial tests your doctor has is a general appearance exam. The physician will be able to gather large amounts of information by just watching you during your physical.

3. Labratory Tests- Although there are no standard labratory tests for a full physical, your doctor may recommend specific tests to be run depending on your lifestyle, age, medical history, etc. This can be a great opportunity to catch something that may not be easily identifiable from the initial heart/lung/appearance exams or the checking of your vital signs.

4. Your Physical Will Emphasize Prevention- A annual physical is an amazing opportunity to get yourself refocused on prevention and screening. Depending on your age, your doctor will be able to recommend various preventitive measures, as well as necessary screenings that you may need to regularly take part in.

5. Enjoy Living- Keeping a good relationship with your doctor is important. The reality is, for most healthy people, a physical is not a matter of life and death. But nothing is more satisfying then living a happy and healthy life worry free knowing you are doing everything possible for your optimal health.

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