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Physicians & Pharmacists

At Wheat City Medical our team matters.

We are developing the future of health care through innovation and professional service. Our physicians will provide you with the best medical service available while offering you convenient, innovative services such as online booking and up to the minute walk-in times. Wheat City Medical thrives as a direct result of high quality physicians backed by good management and strong, forward thinking leadership.

Wheat City Medical believes in setting new standards of excellence in the delivery of health services in Canada.

  • Dr. Talaat Hanna (Physician)
  • Dr. Maged Ghebrial (Physician)
  •    Dr. Nivine Azer (Physician)
  • Dr. Andrew Ahweng (Physician)
  • Dr. Albert Ahweng (Physician)
  •    Dr. Muftah Mohamed (Physician)
  •   Dr. Ravi Shunmugam (Physician)
  •   Dr. Ali Habeeb (Physician)
  •   Hetal Arora (Pharmacists)

Our Staff

At Wheat City Medical our team matters.

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