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8 Health Tips to Maximize Your Summer Experience!

Summertime is most likely your favourite time of the year. Especially with the extremely harsh winters we experience in Western Manitoba. For that reason, we wanted to supply you with something you can easily implement in order to maximize your Summer experience. Here are some simple summer health tips that you can put into action starting today! We want to help you have your healthiest and most enjoyable Summer ever!

  1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

Sun rays are what give summer its enjoyable warmth and add to the fun. But too long basking in the solar glory can cause dehydration and over the long haul, even skin cancers. Use sunscreen!

  1. Enjoy the abundance of fresh local fruits/ veggies

Seasonal produce is here! Summer is a great time to try and incorporate local fruits and vegetables into your diet. Finally, something from our own Manitoba soil can be purchased or grown. No more shipped products from the USA or Mexico! Luckily for us in Brandon, Farmers markets are starting to become ‘mainstream’ again. Try incorporating a trip to the farmers market into your weekly shopping and maybe cut out that Superstore run.

  1. Turn off devices and connect to mother nature

One of the greatest things about Manitoba is the natural splendour. Do what you can to put away your phone, tablet, or computer and get out and enjoy the beauty of our province. Looking for a where to go? There are so many options in and around Brandon for us to choose from. Here are a few ideas! 

  1. Plan your holiday nutrition

One great tip for keeping your diet (and your figure) intact revolves around planning your holiday/vacation nutrition prior to heading out on your favourite summer adventure. We tend to make the wrong choices when we do not plan which can lead to unwanted results. So instead of loading up on chips and munchies at the gas station on your way out to the lake, take a few minutes prior to your departure date and make a plan to what kinds of meals/snacks you can bring that have a least a small amount of nutritional value.

  1. Bike, walk or run to your destination

We all live in Canada and recognize the difficulty of maintaining a healthy/environmentally friendly mode of transportation throughout the Winter months. Summer allows us to take advantage of some transportation options that you may not have when it is -40 in January. Get outside and get moving!

  1. Enjoy alcohol responsibly

Ahh, nothing like a warm summer day to make you crave your favourite alcoholic beverage. But be careful! Summer heat and excessive alcohol consumption are not the match made in heaven that seems to meet the eye. Effects of alcohol are intensified, and dehydration is a real concern. But even more concerning are the statistics of summertime accidents and their correlation to alcohol use. The data is staggering. One timely example that leads into our next tip has to with cases of drowning. According to the CDC, 70% of adult and adolescent drownings were directly tied to Alcohol use. Alcohol and water recreation should never go together.

  1. Swim Safely

Lakes, ponds, oceans, and pools are all fantastic ways to spend a blazing hot Manitoba summer day. So, understanding how to swim safely is an essential tool. Younger children are especially at risk around water so make sure you always have a responsible adult designated to watch the children as they play. It is possible for someone to drown in only two inches of water so make sure that potential open water hazards are eliminated or reduced. Lastly, invest in swimming lessons for yourself or your children. Swimming is a life skill that can help save you or a loved one. Take the time to learn the basics of swimming and water safety. It will be one of the best investments you ever make.

  1. Stay hydrated in the Summer heat

What seems like a theme across everything mentioned ends our 8 tips off with a bang. Hydration in the summertime is absolutely vital to your health. Make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day or until your urine is pale yellow – clear, which is an even better indicator of your current hydration level. Don’t enjoy water? Find a fun way to drink it! Try out some infused water recipes like our favorites of cucumber & mint or strawberries & rosemary.

All of us at Wheat City Medical Clinic & Pharmacy want to wish you an amazing summer full of fun and sun. Keep in mind that if you need sunscreen or sun protectant we are fully stocked! Or if you do end up needing to see a doctor during this summer, Wheat City Medical will be open our normal hours.

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