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Back-to-School Health Tips Infographic


Back to school is coming up at lightning speed!

And we all know how much pressure that can put on children and parents alike. Most parents worry about a variety of things; from academic performance, health, to relationships with others in the school. Even though some would like to, it isn’t plausible to keep an eye on your child every second of the school day. But one effective thing parents can do is encourage healthy habits starting before school even begins.

Starting habits before school starts will help maximize the potential for a successful year. We always like to encourage a full physical first, followed by an installment of a school year schedule a week or two before their first day. This can help both parents and children avoid the shock of a return to the classroom!

We found this awesome infographic from Johns Hopkins Medical with 4 great tips for parents. You can download the infographic as a PDF right here from their website!



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