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Tips on Managing Mental Health & Anxiety During These Unpredictable Times

It cannot be understated; we are living in unprecedented times. Dealing with a pandemic that has shut down the entire world for the better part of 4 months has taken its toll on everyone. But some more than others. Even as we start to move out from the lockdown and things start to move back toward the category of ‘normal’, the effects on our mental health still linger.


We want to offer some basic tips to the community to help people manage anxiety and their mental health during this period of time when the future is truly unpredictable. Here are 5 tips to manage your mental wellness.


  1. Think about what you are thinking about – The most powerful tool we have been equipped with is the mind. The cause of our anxiety and negative thoughts lays in the way we are processing and analyzing the current situation. Pay attention to your thoughts and your thought patterns. Are you meditating on the instability you find yourself in? The most amazing thing about the mind is we have the ability to change it. It isn’t always easy to do. It can take years to train yourself to truly command your own thought life. But the first step is to recognize what you are thinking about and try to adjust the course of action. Move into positivity by telling yourself too.


  1. Practice Self-Care – This cannot be overstated. That is why you have read about it, listened to discussions on it, watched videos mentioning it, etc. Keeping yourself healthy by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, creating routines, and getting enough exercise will drastically change your mental state. As things are opening up allowing people to gather, use your family and friends to create a sense of community, or lean on social support to help mitigate the stresses felt by everyone. Another great tip is to find ways to serve others. A very effective psychological treatment for depression and anxiety is to shift focus from internal to external. Start thinking about others and how you can help and you will immediately start to see the results.


  1. Limit Access to News and Negativity – Have a family member that calls you daily to talk about the doom and gloom? Find yourself tuning in daily to check up on the governments ‘next steps’? These may be contributing factors to your negative sentiment. Limit your contact with these sources, only check on the most vital news surrounding the pandemic, refrain from diving down the social media rabbit hole of continual information on the subject. Limit your media time. Appropriate exposure to the right types of media will have a calming effect on your overall mood.


  1. Focus on the Locus – Worry not for what is out of your hands. Focus only on what you can control. Take the recommended precautions from credible agencies and do what you can to limit your exposure.


  1. Contact your Doctor or Local Mental Health Association – If you do feel that the symptoms you are experiencing are causing significant distress or are interfering with the ability to function normally, make sure you contact your Family Doctor, Our clinic, or Prairie Mountain Mental Health Services.

We are all in this together and we are here to help!

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