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Spring Has Sprung! But How Can That Affect Your Health?

The snow is slowly dissipating, and the sunshine is gaining strength every day, yet you are noticing that physically, your body does not seem to be aligning with your feelings of joy and excitement of warmer days to come.

Seasonal fluctuations as the culprit for changes in disease and illness has been a recognised phenomenon for millennia. Until very recently we had confused this phenomenon with a scientific fact that changes to weather are the culprit of many infirmities. But this ‘scientific fact’ is highly contested when it comes to most illnesses and disease (ie. Colds are known to be caused by viruses, not by previously believed ‘cold weather’).

That said, there is a relationship between the weather and our health that is undeniable. Although, some researchers think that there is much less of a link than previously believed by a broad span of cultures. Other factors, including mood, diet, physical activity, mobility, vitamin deficiency, etc are also known to play a role in why we seem to feel as though we fall ill during the changing of the seasons. It must be stated that data has been collected on specific diseases in which the correlation to changes in the environment are proven to have a direct impact on symptoms (ie. Arthritis, MS, etc). But to truly understand whether or not changes in weather patterns have either a direct or indirect effect on our health, many more in-depth studies must be performed.

Regardless of the root cause for our feeling ill during the Spring, documenting your symptoms with your family doctor over compounded visits can help you decipher when and why you may experience health concerns while changes occur in our localized environment. Wheat City Medical Clinic’s state of the art medical software allows for historical data to be collected and analyzed by you and your medical professional for the entirety of your lifespan if so desired. This can allow for a comprehensive understanding of your personal health while allowing for data-driven health decisions to be established in conjunction with your medical professionals’ recommendations.

Spring is a great time to get yourself and your health in order. One way we can get our bodies ready for the summer season is scheduling your annual full physical during the springtime months. Do that today by contacting our front desk to book your appointment with one of our fantastic doctors!

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